Managers Anonymous Winter 2020

10 Jun 2020, 7:00am–9:00am NZST

44 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand Map

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Managers Anonymous is a facilitated peer support group for anyone whose primary work domain is 'people' and the day to day issues that arise. Most often this is managers or team leads, but could be anyone who feels this would be useful for them (e.g. owners, board members, executives, coordinators, project managers or even people looking to take their first steps into a leadership role). If you have professional challenges related to people, and the desire to work through them, we can help!

You are signing up for an eight-week block, the above date is for the first session. During the block we meet every Wednesday from 7 – 9:00 am. You must be able to attend the first session.

Each Wednesday one person is given the space to talk through a current challenge. The group responds by asking questions and offering their experience. Every block is different because it is shaped by the participants. As a result consistent attendance is very important across all eight weeks both for your own experience and for that of the rest of the group.

Examples of topics we've discussed in past sessions are:

  • Is now the right time to go for a promotion?
  • How do I delegate more effectively?
  • How do I give or receive challenging feedback?
  • How do I change the culture of my team?
  • How can I motivate this person?
  • How can I make this sign off process work more smoothly?
  • How can I manage my boss better?
  • How do I repair a damaged work relationship?
  • What's a good approach for this crisis?

Managers Anonymous is facilitated by Adam and Amy Shand, a brother and sister team who have been working as managers since the 90s. More information, including links to their LinkedIn profiles, is available on the website at:

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